Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quartz on the Counter

Remember when you were a little one and you would beg your parents to let you buy one of those tiny bags at tourist stops and scoop up the prettiest stones from piles of rocks to fill them up? And then you would get in the car and think your rocks were so cool and then you would get home and throw them in your closet and never see them again?

Yeah, I remember those days. And now I'm wishing I never threw those rocks away because I'm thinking that somewhere in that tiny bag, I might have had a really awesome amethyst stone that I have been obsessing over the past couple of weeks.

image via this is glamorous

This, of course, is a bigger, grown up version of one of those tiny rocks, but isn't it just oh so pretty?

What a pretty little gem amethyst is to dress up your coffee table or mantel decor.

image via glitter guide

image via design sponge

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