Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lasagna Soup

Hi all.

I'm on a crazy soup kick at the moment, so let me warn you, I may be blasting you some AWESOME soup recipes for the next few weeks.

I found this recipe for Lasagna Soup (I know, how delicious does it sound) over on no other than pinterest and decided to test it out.

And let me tell you... it was ABSOLUTELY delicious. The only difference in the recipe we made was using tiny shell noodles (because we figured they would be easier to eat) and we also used ground turkey instead of sausage. I also like to top all of my soups with reduced fat tortilla chips, which is ridiculous, I know. But if you would like to go the normal people route and stick with the Italian themed meal, I'm sure some homemade garlic bread would be absolutely delicious as well.

Go try it, seriously. It is heaven in a bowl!

Click HERE for the recipe.

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