Monday, January 23, 2012

Antler Art

I inherited an extremely real and extremely awesome set of deer antlers, still attached to the skull & everything, I might add, from a family friend of mine who owns a Native American Indian store. He gave me the gift due to my love for the rustic pieces, however they are still sitting in my closet due to my lack of knowledge on how to actually hang them up! I have decided to finally stop procrastinating on the project and put my awesome gift to some good use!

I will probably end up painting the entire set white & attaching them to a neon painted plaque to hang on my wall, but I decided to find some DIY antler project inspiration before hand on etsy just in case....and I found some really cool ideas.

Attaching Flowers to add some soft elements to the rustic antlers

Adding some bling to the antlers

Bronze metallic paint

Color Blocking

So many choices to consider. This project is on my list of things to tackle this week. I'll share some pictures when I'm done. Until then, I'm taking any other suggestions!

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