Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Glam

I'm all for some great classic Halloween decorations, but sometimes I get bored with the Jack-o-lantern pumpkin or the 99 cent spider webs. How about some inspired, and maybe even some glamorous Halloween decor?

Who's with me?

And if you love that candy corn filled candle holder, you can buy similar styles over at Crate and Barrel for about $5 to fill with assorted goodies all year round!

Designer Spotlight: Nanette Lepore

I love me some Nanette Lepore.

Her designers are feminine, bright, and twist classic Hollywood Glamor with an edge. While I was over on elle decor's website, I noticed a beautifully decorated NY apartment that caught my eye, and it was no surprise when I found out it belonged to the fashionable designer and was decorated by no other than Jonathon Adler.

So chic.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beach Art

Although I live less than a mile away from the beach, I rarely get to enjoy it's beauty because of the gloomy weather of San Francisco's sunset district. I'm an ultimate sun girl and beach lover, so when I came across these photos, I figured what better way to bring that joy into your house than to hang some beach art in your own home?

luxe + lillies

apartment therapy

So fun, right? Gotta have 'em.

LOVE or HATE: Bold Curtains

You know how there are those times when you can't decide if you LOVE something or absolutely HATE it? Well I am having one of those moments with bold curtains. Sometimes they can be done so impeccably right, and sometimes they can just be wrong in so many ways.

What do you think? LOVE or HATE bold curtains?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dreaming in blue

Note to Self: No more Night Blogging.

I am an obsessive blog stalker and my eyes will stay hooked to the computer screen for hours upon hours. Night blogging only leads to no sleep. Once my body finally starts sending signals to my brain to let it know that I am tired, I start searching for new inspiration for an amazing cozy bed.

The good news? I found one. The bad news? Now I'm doing some online searching of what stores will help me make this bed my own.

I love shades of blues in the bedroom. My mother recently told me that she heard somewhere (probably on one of her talk shows she listens to such as Dr. Oz) that the best colors to paint a bedroom is in shades of blue. I would guess this is because they tend to be very soothing, unlike deep reds which consequently was one of the worst colors for a bedroom paint choice. So if you are in the middle of a bedroom remodel, go for pale grays, blues or neutrals!

Okay, enough with the design tips. Finally off to bed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Amber Interior Design

One of my daily blog stops is Amber Interior Design, a blog created by Amber Lewis, an LA-based Interior Decorator who has funky, colorful and amazing style. Her blog gives me more than enough of my daily dose of design inspiration, and she even has an added bonus of being totally hilarious and lovable. So when I saw she had a feature over on The Glitter Guide featuring pictures of her cozy & eclectic LA home, I was jumping for joy.

Her home is the perfect contrast of white walls and pops of bright colors. She is the queen of mixing prints. I honestly don't know how she does it so impeccably! My favorite room is her dining room. It has a bohemian vibe, but still manages to stay chic with modern chairs layered with... FUR! I'm also digging the way she layered her rugs, which is a trend I have seen popping up lately.

If you like what you see, check out Amber's blog here

Monday, October 24, 2011

Need an easy solution to fix some lonely, blank walls in your home?

A completely simple & budget friendly way is to frame your favorite material. Just pick out a pretty print that catches your eye, an elegant frame from your local frame store (or even better: vintage!) and you will have yourself your very own work of art.

Simple enough for you?

(images via pinterest)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty Prints

I sure do love myself a good print, but I know bold prints aren't for everyone. You can incorporate prints into your home by just a touch with a printed pillow or throw, be a little more bold by incorporating a piece of furniture in a print or adding a printed wallpaper to one wall, or be even more risky by MIXING prints.

Any way you choose, I encourage you to go for it!

rue mag

decor8 and urban outfitters


oh joy

pinterest and amber interior design

amber interior design

Creative Mini Bar

A cool vintage table can easily be turned into an awesome statement piece mini bar, like this rolling serving cart found over on Rue Magazine. Add some colored glasses and a few unique liquor bottles and you are ready to party.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghost Chairs

I'll admit it... I am a victim of the ghost chair craze that has been taking over the blogging world lately. How awesome are they?

When they first came out they were a rare find, which of course meant they were a pretty pricey find as well. But now that they are becoming more and more popular, the trend is starting to be priced at all ranges, selling at prices from as much as $600 to as little as $70 at the budget friendly IKEA.

target $299, z gallerie $160, ikea $80

They are so modern yet have an elegant look at the same time and would be a great match with either a sleek white table or classic elegant black dining sets. I'd love to add some to my own home.

Black Walls

Painting your walls black can be a risky choice. However, if done right, it can look so classy and chic.

(images via the decorista, pinterest & freshome)