Friday, November 4, 2011

What type of Elegant are you?

Who doesn't like an elegantly styled room? Classy and sophisticated are far from negative design terms. The question is: what TYPE of an elegant style do you like?

Are you a Glam Girl?
This room has just enough sparkle to make any glamorously elegant designer's heart throb.

Are you a fan of cozy comfort?
The neutral color palette combined with luxurious furs, mixed textiles, and dark leathers leave this room with a rich, cozy feel.

Are you a vintage lover?
If you love the hunt for vintage finds like Victorian mirrors and chandeliers, you know your a fan of vintage elegance.

Are you the traditional type?
You may not be known for taking risks, but at least you know your style is timeless!

Are you eclectic?
Mixing patterns and having a few interesting statement pieces does the trick for eclectic lovers.

which elegant style are you??

(images via pinterest)

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