Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Gold Confetti Art

I guess I'm still feeling a little glitter crazy from my post yesterday because when I spotted this DIY project over on sadie + stella, I couldn't help from re-posting it for your interior design enjoyment.

Polka dots are a hot trend this fall, so what better way to incorporate them into your pad than to hang them up as focal point artwork? There is no need for artistic skills to conquer this DIY art project.

All you simply need is:

A Blank White Canvas
Construction Paper
(colors of your choice, but for an extra pop try adding two different shades, metallics, or, some of my favorites, GLITTER)

Simply place your cut-out construction paper polka dots wherever your heart desires (no need for too many) and Wah-Lah! You have created your own masterpiece.

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