Monday, November 21, 2011

This or That?

Hello loves! Hope you all had marvelous weekends.

Mine was very relaxing but went by far too quickly, as usual. I spent most of my time bundled up in my apartment due to the rainy weather, but on Saturday I did get my interior design fix by going over to a friends house and helping her figure out how to arrange her furniture in her new pad. Sometimes a little brainstorming and rearranging is all you need.

There may be a lack of blogging this week due to me trying to cram my week's worth of tasks into the next two days before I go away for the holiday (yay!) so sorry in advance. As I was searching through my archives this afternoon for some inspiration for a quick post, I noticed that I must have really been drawn to this bed frame because I had saved two pictures of it being used in two completely different ways.



The first is bold and bohemian, and the second is simple and chic.
What do you think- which style are you more drawn to?

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