Wednesday, August 24, 2011

up, up and away

this morning i was reading the new york times and spotted the most adorable sherbet colored house out of the corner of my eye. i picked up the arts section and right when i got a better look i knew exactly what it was... the "Up" house! if you haven't seen the adorable Disney/Pixar movie, it's a must. it practically brought me to tears within the first ten minutes! but the most memorable part of this film is the cute little house that the main character, Carl, lives in and decides to take on a magical journey.

someone else seemed to be even more taken with the movie than i and decided to actually build a real-life version of the house, down to almost the exact interiors with custom made furniture and 50's styled robin egg blue colored appliances. the home was built in herrimen, utah and is on the market for about $400,000 dollars. in the meantime, the house is open for tours for $10 a person with proceeds going to charity.

(images via hooked on houses)

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