Tuesday, August 2, 2011

stingy styling

looking to switch up a room in your house without spending any cash? youre in luck! there are plenty of beautiful things you probably already have lying around your pad that can be used to add some character to any room.

1. BOOKS- books can add lots of color to a room, and if organized carefully on a bookshelf or arranged in a clever way on a table, they can do wonders.

2. DUCT TAPE- this home staple really can do just about anything, even decorate, believe it or not. these simple vases were plain and white before someone took a funky colored tape, scissors and a little imagination to them.

3. CLEAR JARS- these are wonderful decorative pieces, especially for the kitchen. not only can they be used as vases, but also holders for an assortment of things such as buttons, spices, or my personal favorite.... candy!

4. FEMININE STAPLES- items such as leather clutches, fancy heels and pretty little perfume bottles can make the perfect feminine accessory for a chic apartment

5. FRAMES- no need to have a pretty picture, just a pretty frame. if you don't like the color of your unused frame, take some spray paint to it.

(images via curbly, etsy, sterling style, laurenconrad.com)

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  1. I love everything about this blog. Keep the ideas coming!!!!