Wednesday, September 14, 2011

home sweet water tower

the small town in California that i grew up in is known for their two huge water towers, so after reading this article about an architect who was so intrigued with water towers that he decided to build a home for his family in one, i had to share it with you guys.

Patrick Met bought this six level water tower in Belgium with his wife and two daughters for 30,000 euros (or about $43,000) and to everyone's amazement has now transformed it into their home sweet home. the floor plan with minimalist features includes two levels of bedrooms, an airy kitchen and living space complete with sleek furnishings in contrast to the circular walls, and an entire floor dedicated to a family bathroom. the bottom two levels are used as a garage and entrance room.

it may not be the most practical place to live, but this transformation has been Patrick Met's dream come true.

(images via NY times)

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